Take the Pledge...

This is a repeat post because it is an issue I am passionate about. Having just spent 5 days on the coast up north, Yamba I have reflected more on the reasons for looking after our oceans, coastlines and environment not so much for my self, but for my children. This is not to mention the point about the economic cost and the way the political process and decision making has been taken on behalf of all of us. It is a scam and yet we let these things happen to us because of lack of interest, ignorance, naivity or we don't believe it matters. Become informed and make an informed decision your self.

Visit: www.getrealonclimatechange.org

The ad and video was made by great people who decided to get off the ass's and do something about the issue. Those involved in expressing their views have taken a bold step. I have been involved actively and behind the scenes. WHY?

Because from what I have learned, there are better environmental, water and economic solutions and after waking up to how this has unfolded I felt a need to speak out.


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