Morning Questions

Why is it that some mornings you wake up and think why can't I just stay in bed?

Why is it that some mornings it feels like hard work just to get your head off the pillow?

Why is it that some mornings the sun feels like it brighter than bright? Why does it feel like a crowbar needs to be used to pry your eyes open?

Why is a cowbar called a cowbar anyway?

Why is it that some times when the morning comes the sleep you've had just doesn't seem enough?

Why is it that on some mornings the thought of an extra 5min of snoozing seems like the best thing ever?

Why is it that some mornings you can talk yourself into or out of having a great day?

These are just a few of the questions that I found came to mind this morning and as I now sit here enjoying my coffee I notice something...

The day has begun, the sun is out, the birds - dare I say are singing and I am about to head off to train.

The range of emotions experienced already are unbelievable and within the next 3hrs I will have ridden the roller coast, jumped on the bull and hooked an almighty big fish. The catch of the day will be served with a sweet and sour side dish as I experience pain, fatigue, exhaustion, relief, satisfaction, joy and a wonderful dose of reality.

If I wasn't awake before then by then I will be, well and truly alive, awake and thriving.

Final question before I roll out: 'What does it mean to be alive and thriving?'


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