During last year I was involved in delivering a workshop with two great practitioners of change and transformation. The theme for the workshop related to exponential change and was inspired by a number of the statements from the original presentation by Karl Fisch. Check out the fischbowl blog. Personal it was a great reality check as to the impact we are having and the change that is a constant reminder of the world in which we live. It also made me feel that overwhelmed and a little helpless to the lager dynamics influencing the world. As a father I really hope I can leave the world a better place than when I arrived, but with such mind blowing change and advancement it feels somewhat out of my hands. What I like about what Karl and those interested are doing is creating awareness. We all need to be aware of the way we live and how we impact each other and the world. It has always been a deep feeling I have had the we are all connected, but now with the connectivity of the web and other forms of communication and information we can truely grasp this reality. It is not just a feeling it can be seen, understood and we can make conscious decisions based on a great capacity for awareness which provides us with the ability to take action collectively. To a degree my attempts at share this journey which is to perform, participate, experience and realise each and every step towards Beijing is about connecting and being part of the largest team I can imagine. The world team and we are all part of it even if it feels like we are separate or less important than others. Being an Olympian does not make me any different to any one else and certain taking up the challenge to go to Beijing means that I am just another dreamer wanting to realise a dream. Weather it's in the back yard, the shed, the river, the road, the club, the pub, the events big and small, the moments large or little, it is all a matter of perspective. We choose to be engaged at the level that feels most comfortable to us, but when we are exposed to such expansive statements like Karl has brought to our attention, it's important we don't hang on to our comfort zones. The world is changing and if we don't keep up then it is easy to feel like we are at the mercy of the change. So here's to getting on the front foot with an open mind and heart, and the courage to responsibility for our actions.


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