Hello Boys, Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink

All righty then we are here in Sydney and have enjoyed a great week of training. No the business end of the week is rolling around and well I figure we pretty well set for some great racing.

What the week been about? We have been playing around with our new toy, the Sykes pair is getting very close to being ready for it's first race. This week we have done a fair few kilometers on the Nepean River and have been able to capture some great footage to ensure we get our set up right. Still we may need some alteration made to the boat but we feel it is a move in the right direction. That's not to say it has all been smooth sailing. No we can be very particular about our equipment, but I like to think we are the same with all aspects of our preparations.

What we are waiting for is the perspectives of a few people about there assessment of the boats we have used. This is the objective veiw and when combine with our subjectivity we are sure that a good decision can be made about the boat going forward. Mind you we don't have long because we need to put the boats in a container on Friday to ship them overseas for the world cup series.

So back to the racing this week. It should be lots of fun as the pressure is off selection for everyone so it comes down to pride and the racing spirit. Each race is a first and final. This afternoon we will do a prerace row in the pair to get ourselves ready for our race in the morning. Actually I must admit that due to the training over the last four days I was feeling pretty tired, but after a sleep in this morning the old body has been recharged. Yesterday we did some race work also which involved a 500m and 1000m. Little bit of a blow out and surprisingly we have come up nicely and finding the speed of the movement at race intensity is feeling pretty comfortable.

It's a fine line between feeling ready, be uncertain and being to relaxed about it all. We have been looking forward to this racing for many months as it is the only race we get in Australia. Due to the one off races there could be all sorts of surprises. I am sure that for everyone involved it's a chance to prove or disprove the critiques right or wrong. So even though the Olympic selection aren't on the line there will be some great racing.


Anonymous said…
any chance of some of the racing footage?
Anonymous said…
Good row with 175kg of ballast on board today, boys!
Anonymous said…
The master has his own blog now:

Anonymous said…
Drew --
What are the logistics like for shipping a shell via container to the Worlds? I thought crews just rented a new boat on the spot, but can see the need to be in your own seat.

David Churbuck
(please see the email I sent you to your gmail address), really would like to connect.

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