How Good Is iT

Ah there it is the wonderful splendour of finding something new in a combination that is not so new but the newness of sensation sparks an intense interest and renewed focus. I am talking about our row tonight and how we found something very cool in the movement. In particular Duncan having a moment where he tried something that produced such amazing results that I enjoyed being lead by his dynamic fluidity and pure power. What a joy to have him make a subtle change that created such a profound effect. To think that he did it during a power stroke session that involved some 400+ strokes of close to maximal output. As we set off for our last set in the session with fatigue increasing and darkness approaching it was amazing when he made a clear decision to modify his body movement after Chris had made some comments about what he would like to see. Duncan responded and as I sat in the bow seat struggling to keep the boat straight I became a little kid in awe of this huge athlete in front of me unloading and unleashing his potential. How good is it to be engaged with people like Duncan and Chris. Tonight reminded me of the strength we have in our group. The fact that there was no one watching, no reason apart from our own motivations to improve and the honesty that is clearly understood and known for what we do and don’t do. We can not hide from each other and we are accountable to ourselves and each other for what we have agreed to achieving together. This is why the journey toward a bigger goal like the games has meaning. It is in the session like tonight that it all becomes clear. It is simple really. Make the boat go faster and once it feels like it is close to the edge then it becomes about how then can we sustain that speed. Simple really and it feels so bloody good to be able to work towards a clear objective like this. It happens when either of us step up and change and it happens when we connect and harmonies. It happens when we enjoy the sensation of how good it is and how good it can be.


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