Resting Up

It has been a week since the nationals and I have enjoyed pretty much the whole week as rest time from training. Due to a number of things I have found little time to do any sessions a part from a bike ride on Wednesday morning. It's not that I haven't thought about it, but it has just felt like what I needed. The time frame in the season is just over half way and so it has been good to regather and reset before heading back into the thick of it. Rest and recovery as essential ingredients in any preparation. Over the years there have been times when it has been clear that the best things has been to take a good few days break. From here we begin the journey of the International season and really everything that has happened until now is just a platform and take off point. The foundation has been set and over the next couple of months we will reinforce it and grow it in preparation for the final pushes up toward the peak.


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