Here we go...

Well I am back on the horse as they say. It has been a reasonable challenge getting my head around the next five months as I consider all the work still ahead of us. It's not that I haven't been planning and preparing for this exciting stage of the build up, but after a few solid races at the Nationals and I guess all the emotions that go into a Kings Cup race, it has been like I need the break. Getting started is always a challenge as I often find it hard to reset my expectations. It's like the first few session I am comparing myself to how it felt when you were in full swing. Yesterday and today was a reality check. If I was to rate the level I got to over the last month I felt close to 8/10. After only a week off it feels like I am back to about a 5/10. Over the next 5 months we will push up to 8 then 9 and 10. If we get the timing right we will max out with about 3-4 weeks to go and after a freshen up period will be feeling perfect. The scale actually slides as we reset our expectations. So the 10/10 then at our peak could be considered something that is above and beyond the 10 now which is confusing. After a solid ride today and an ergo session I feel like the motivation is back.

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