Transit Kuala Lumpur

We are in transit in Kuala Lumpur. Today was a tough day, firstly because I almost missed the domestic leg of my flight to Sydney. So much so that Chris had to get the staff at the counter to print a boarding pass for me so when I pulled up in the car I could run straight in to load bags on. This meant that the farewell wth my family was done in the car on route. Why was I late? Well I am always late, but today I wasted time packing in the morning which was stupid really. Over the last few days I kept telling myself I would have time in the morning of my flight. So it was a rush and somewhat stressful, and I didn't really say a proper good bye to my family. The upside to this is that my wife only had to cry for s short time because as I jumped out of our car I really had to run. Well I made it and now we are waiting in KL for another 1 hr 30min and then onto UK.


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