Traveling is all part of International competition and being able to travel well and arriving in good health is critical. For years now we have used many strategies to assist with he process of heading overseas and needing to compete at a high level in a short space of time.

Sleep, hydration, stretching and compression garments are all part of what we do to reduce the impact of the long flights. I also use a nasal spray as in the past I have often developed sinusitis after long flights.

Another element that I use is breathing exercises to ensure I am staying energised. While we are here I will go for a walk also and have a shower. It's all simple stuff but makes a big difference, particularly when we will face tough competition in Henley.

Mind set is another key to the puzzle and I will take some time out to consider how we will row and race. Even receiving a sheet of paper with distance and markers on it for Henley is something that I will use to visualise and prepare


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