Rotsee Wrap

Well we have arrived in Italy and after the weekends racing and all day in the car I am tired. Mind you the few hours sleep probably didn’t help as it was great catching up to many good friends after the regatta.

The wash up after the race was that we were very happy with being able to take on the Kiwi steam train and managed to hold good margin toward the finish were we probably felt we had a bit of a weakness.

The positives for us were that we really didn’t have an ideal preparation, which is something that we pride ourselves on. Once Duncan’s back started to play up we really had to try a few new things to ensure we were ready to race. I certainly think keeping our heads in the right space was important.

The great thing from the weekend was that we new the New Zealanders and French were really keen on putting the foot down all the way. The Canadians jumped out and went for it early, which was not a complete surprise, as each race they step up. I must admit it did feel a little like a drag race were who ever could get to the last 200m would certainly know they had been in an intense battle. At no stage could we really take to much margin, which meant that it was critical to maintain form. Any mistake would have been crucified. I love the way the New Zealanders never let up, they have a true fighting spirit, it actually is quiet inspirational.

I can recall racing them for the first time back in Athens and the intensity they carried in each race was great to witness and to this weekend it obviously has not changed. It is a wonderful feeling as we all stand together before going on the medal podium. We have a lot of respect not only for the new Zealanders but all the guy's we race.

Yesterday was satisfying, but we have things clearly in perspective. Come Munich we know that it will get faster and closer. That certainly excites me and over the next 5 weeks here in Varese we will be working on improving in the key areas we feel are lacking at the moment and will also practice challenging ourselves to create new levels of performance.

Something stood out to me on the weekend and last night during a discussion with two friends it also became the focus of what we were talking about. The pick up at the front turn is so critical. I saw some amazing crews who had such touch with their hands to pick up the water with good length and an easy speed of movement. The other thing I enjoyed was seeing Jueri Jaanson win in the double. I have never meet him but he is break new ground and to see the way he took on a very hot field was mind blowing. Obviously he and his partner have an amazing connection.

Anyway tomorrow the build up begins to the Worlds and we are motivation to go faster. Our families arrive this Friday, which will certainly make thing easier. To be able to share this time with them in a great location like the north of Italy will be wonderful.


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