Henley Town

We arrived yesterday and settled in to the regatta lifestyle. Swanning around the event site was a bit of fun until the rain set in. So we went to the pub and had a beer and a meal. This year the river is flowing very fast and it is entertaining in the pair bouncing around. We are making sure we stay relaxed as it would be easy to get frustrated at the water. Feeling good about being here and even spoke with my family via skype this morning which was great. racing starts Thursday for us so will have further updates as the week goes on. We are getting some video also which I will download in the next week once we have access to better internet. Off to lunch now and will be making plans about how best to approach racing here. Being that races will take a good minute longer than normal. Also getting used to markers is something that we are very aware of. So until next time, stay cool and be happy...


Hey Drew, I hope all goes well at henley, I hear it's been one of the wettest June/July's in years over there, so there is a huge current. Should make for some faster races!
Good luck!
Anonymous said…
best of luck drew in forthcoming races.


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