Boat Tent Update

Ok, this is quiet cool I am sitting in the boat tent at Henley and am able to get online. So thought a little update would be worthwhile. I am about to have Physio but until then I will capture a few thoughts thus far.

The water is flowing extremely fast and is a head stream. We have been bouncing around like a cork which for the most part we haven't stressed about but a few times frustrations have crept up.

Racing starts tomorrow for us and so we will start to find out how our preparation has set us up for the period of racing. The boat area today has been buzzing with activity and at least for the next two days it will be very busy.


Anonymous said…
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Thanks Frank
So head stream? That will make do of easier competitors. But you should always never underestimate at a regatta like Henley, keep up posting regularly, and good luck!

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