Rowing Mind Skills

Over the months before leaving for this trip I had been working on this audio CD with the team at Sports Mind Skills and am happy to say now we have completed the CD. Check out the Rowing Minds Skills CD we have created.

It was an amazing process to go through with taking the time to reflect on what has assisted my preparation and performance. Mind Skills have certainly been a key area of development that I have worked on and practiced from the early days of competing in BMX with my dad as supporter, coach, driver and well the guy who would give me a hug win, loss or draw.

For anyone interested in the CD if you do use it I would certainly love to get your feedback. It has been an aim of mine to share in many ways the various tools, ideas, principles, stories and show some of what contributes to the performance out on the water.


Anonymous said…
Hi Drew and Duncan. Marcus here giving Reggie and Helen a lesson on how to view your Blog. They love it. They just want to see more of Duncan not you!!!!! Just kidding. More of both is always great. Anyway say hi to the kids and wives for us all. Marcus, Reg and Helen.

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