Rotsee Wonder

Today the sun shone, the birds sang and the cow bells well you get used to them. It was great to see the Rotsee course on show and even the mud in the boating area started to dry up. The racing from my perspective seemed interesting with many well performed crews from earlier World Cups this year not quiet performing like expected and then there were those crews who have shown consistency still at the front of their events.

We didn't hang down the course for long after our race but did come back to the hotel and during our recovery checked out the results as they came through the internet. As times go there was nothing special about the day as the condition seem neutral. It was a heat day with rep's and I am sure the intensity and pace will build over the weekend.

Our race was good from the view of having that first blow out since our trials back some 3 months ago. Since we didn't get to race in Henley we were expecting a little extra sting and certainly were breathing a lot going through the first 500m. We will feel better with each race and have a number of things to work on particularly for tomorrow's semi final. We were the slowest of the three pair heats but we did notice that the 500m and 1000m times were pretty comparable to the other heats.

Our focus for these races is to create the ideal rhythm that we know will make the boat go fast. The first hit out really does bring everything back in to sharp focus with us certainly needing to pay attention to the improving standard in the pair field. It's never easy and you can sense the keenness of the other crews which is normal, but even when talking to the Croatian guys from the pair yesterday they indicated the intensity in the event is improving and with it the excitement and energy for a highly competitive field.

We love to race and now we are here and ready to perform, there will be no excuses. Duncan's back has improve greatly and our confidence has grown over the days in Luzern. That's not to say there has been no frustration, but we have benefited from the test. I guess it has test our relationship and we have grown because of it. It is not just between us but with our coach, Chris O'Brien we have become more aware and clear about what it is we have to do and what we are about as a team.

It is funny how as the weather has changed so to has our own out look. Even as we went down to the Luzern beach, well park by the lake, we had the frissbee out and were throwing it between the three of us. It was something we hadn't done for a while. It was great to enjoy some time together in this way. It is one of the great things about what we do that is so cool. So the Rotsee was wonderful and being at the Luzern World Cup has got off to the right start.


Anonymous said…
Great Race and an impressive win. Great to see Dunc's back on the mend. Nice work 'Double D's'. Marcus

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