Moving Forward In Rowing

For some time now I have been keen to see rowing take a huge leap forward. Many great things are fostered and supported, and yet some areas need improvement I think.

Today I want to share some thinking about the next generation of advancing the sport of rowing. To move things forward we need greater understanding. Understanding performance, understanding measurement, biomechanics, people, movement, equipment, competition, competitive advantages, sensory, perception, team dynamics, and the various influences.

This then is my simple list with people I have exposure to in some way either in the past, currently or in future. It's a limited list because I am interesting in seeing what other think.

Moving Forward

Performance & Technology
Paul Francis

Des Jacobs

Dr Valery Kleshnev

Mark McGrath

To imagine, improve or change the future we also need to to understand and appreciate the past. Two weeks ago my Dad got me a gift, he had Peter Mallory's 'The Sport of Rowing' sent to me. I love history as it helps me understand whats happened before and by who.

Looking Back

Peter Mallory

Andrew Guerin

So my challenge is this:

I am keen to grow this humble list and am interested in what and how needs to be included.


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