A bit of 'Whack-a-do & Side-by-each'

Sitting hear listening to my children makes me laugh. Their interactions are often very entertaining. Why be so serious is a question I ask my self. Something happens when you get older and I think when you've been doing what you do for a long time. You can get a bit serious, too serious. This made me think of the terms spoken to me after James Tomkins returned for the US in 2002. He had spent some time over at Princeton with the National program and we had stayed in touch. The fond phrases or statement of, 'lets do a bit of whack-a-do & side by each became a funny way to refer to some competitive training. So as I sat here listening to my kids I thought how great it is that we can make fun of situations which probably enable us to enjoy things more. Even my kids get the idea of lightening the mood. Right now they are going on about besets, bettered and gooderest, which only gets trumped by the bestestered. What a great way to build and get excited about simply discussing being the best at something. So this week I am looking forward to some side by each and whack a do, and I will be doing it to be the bestest and gooderests for infinity(Add this to anything and it makes it last). Now that's pretty damn good and it will come from some health competition.  


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