A Great Event: Alcoa Corporate Head of River

Today I have come down to Geelong to help support and event I am proud to be part of. The Alcoa Corporate Head of River is an event that has been running for 10 plus years. It's raised over 1 million dollars in that time and today again should raise $100 000. This goes to helping an organisation down here in Geelong. Give Where You Live.


Here's a video for the event down here.

Why am I involved?

I feel strongly about making a difference in the World I live. Obviously I don't live in Geelong but feel it has been a place I have spent training and I enjoy it here. Their are many people I have come to know down here and I love that too. This Charity is on the right track and supports many disadvantaged people. It's a powerful thing helping people. For me this a such a small thing to be able to support and be patron of the event requires little of me but I enjoy the impact the event has and my role is a way I can help.


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