Heart Starter

Many days I begin by having a coffee. Actually you could say I have a certain compulsion towards not starting my day until that coffee bean solution hits my blood stream.

Funny thing is if left to my old devices I would rise late, have a coffee, watch my kids have breakfast, check my emails and wait until the inspiration sets in and I finally decide to train. My non-preferred mornings are ones where I need to be up early and getting to training as the sun is coming up. I am a slow starter in this respect. Strange but as the day goes on I get better or at least feel better. I become clearer and more engaged in the World around me. Training flows easily for me once the day has already been established. Eventually I find even training late at night a joy.

Last night at 8pm I did a 6km ergo. Thought it would be cool fun to do it about 95% and see what score I would get. So simply at the start of the day I need coffee as a heart and head starter, but in the evening I find my energy levels have been imagining challenges which triggers an ambitious and often late surge.

What are you, a morning or an evening person?


Mlibr7 said…
As a heart starter, its hard to beat heading up the Barwon as the sky begins to lighten in the pre-dawn, a few boats stretched out behind you. That has made me a morning person!
Jon said…
I know exactly how you feel. few years ago as a uni student, me and some friends would do weight training sessions in a boat shed in the city at 11pm hehe. I remember driving through the city home after our session seeing all the night-goers as we were drenched in sweat. Now because of work i try to go riding during the early morning. Takes alot of time to adjust.

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