Back in action, but not without some challenges.

It is coming to a point where we have kicked off training and now settling into whats required to be better than every before has become my mission. Unfortunately rowing or at least the part of the sport which I enjoy which is to be in a team requires others. It has been a number of weeks with some frustration at some different opinions about how to proceed. Being some what limited in where I am located due to my family I have had to go into negotiations or at least to put my case forward to have my partner from last domestic season, Josh Dunkley-Smith to be here in Melbourne so we can work together. Much has happened and finally over the last couple of days things have become clearer. The plan involves Josh and I training together. I am no fortune teller and so won't get into what is ahead for us but its safe to say things will be fantastic as its been 6 years since having a training partner living in the same place. I am looking forward to being able to train in boats daily while we prepare to get ourselves ready for trialling. The challenges then have been making all this possible. Josh made his final decision and one I am happy to say has made me pretty excited. Opinions aside I am like a little kid looking forward to what can be achieved. Even today as I assisted Chris O'Brien my coach and the Women's pair coach, Bill Tait. Both are the VIS coaches. Today I sat in on a planning meeting about the training program between now and end of December. The start now has occurred and with it comes some consideration for personal goals as well as team or crew objectives.


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