Where to next?

While many other will be heavy into preparations with their crews, little old me is just here doing my bit to keep myself together. Not even sure that was good english. Self together is an interesting concept. Together, keeping things in perspective.

This week has seen some strange vulnerabilities I feel from being exposed by having my rib flare up are interesting. The confidence I have in being able to perform is ok and being able to find harmony within a crew by assisting in bringing it all together is good too. But when you are injured it just makes thing hard. The challenge is to stay focused on the longer term while keeping momentum in the current situation, all the while not dropping the ball with rehab. Our crew hasn't even really begun yet. The benefit for this new crew is three of the guys raced last year at Munich and had success in the four.

So while everyone is nervous about my situation it was agreed the guys and Chris had to keep moving so up to Canberra they went to join Nick and Sam. Have to admit I am worried that with now until 26 June being our time in Australia and the fact that I haven't really spent much time with two of the crew in training and competition it's really against what I have worked on for many years to ensure when going into events you have a clear sense of your performance standards.

Well this time will be different I plan to be healthy and back in the boat in full swing soon. My body is certainly showing signs of years of wear and tear. For now it is basic next steps while maintaining some connection to the others which when I don't know some of the guys that well requires time together.


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