Heading up for race practice

It's been a while since I race 2k. Actually I now stop and recall it was Nationals and since then I had 4 weeks with almost no training then another 4 weeks of wattbike. Then I was allowed back out on the road and soon after start back in the boat. But wait we had a little scare with another week of no rowing until two weeks ago I was allowed to do a row every second day. Now this week we have had almost a full load of sessions and intensities. So how do I feel about racing? Surprisingly good, now. Could be a different story after some 1500m tomorrow but if the hammer doesn't fall then I will be happy that we have managed this all pretty well. The test will be seeing how we go prognostically and comparatively.

What's it been like in the boat?

First let me say it was hard loosing Duncan as it meant I would be working with more new people. This took some time for me to adjust. Now I feel we have found a good mix.

Sam is in the bow seat making the calls and doing a great job. Nick is in 2 seat behind me in the tandem rig and feels like we are close to doing some great work together. It has taken me some sessions to slot back into the movement and speed work is improving. Josh has made some nice changes and is rowing longer and I feel we are starting to find some hood match up.

Generally the guys are very good off the front with the first 1/4 to 1/2 of the stroke being very dynamic. We have work on accelerating better and this is showing benefit at times. All up between length and timing with some of the individual differences its coming together. Everyone has been happy to try things it has taken some discussions to ensure we are all understanding what's required and intended.

Location:Bushranger Grove,Jamisontown,Australia


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