Training in the four

Sample of our session yesterday when we had done some tech work and started into paddling with acceleration focus.

Well finally we are out of the darkness and into the light. Also we have started to try different seating options. We had an amazing conversation the other day after a bike ride about how we aim to row. We are starting from different places with different experiences and it will take some time for us to find our way. The guys last year had a great performance in Munich and we want to build on that and go much faster. I think we can find a number of things which will provide us with a capacity to step things up. So far the strength of the crew is how dynamic the front half of the stroke is and this will provide some good easy boat speed early in racing I think. That not to say I am assuming we will be fast just like that but I am looking forward to find that real harmony which enables the strengths to be utilised along with areas for improvement.

For now we have a good week of work ahead and then some test racing this coming weekend. Then as we will be keeping our heads down it will be another solid week before we take off for UK. To be honest I am not sure yet where we will be at in the short term but I am feeling confident that longer term is certainly starting to look promising.

Here a sample of our racing effort yesterday as part of the session which included repeats of efforts just below to just above race pace.

Blood foggy morning to begin with but looked cool once it started to lift when heading back into the city on the Yarra.


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