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This morning I have had a little flare up again with my rib/joint issue... Back with doc this morning and now another scan to work out what can be done before departing on Sun. If my rib has healed further then it's the joint and the solution is nuke the nerve to stop this repeated flare up process. If it's the bone then... Well I don't know what the solution is or I am not interested in considering that right now.

Trusting myself is key as it's difficult to pick the difference between the pain signals. Being that it could be subtle less serious signals from underlying causes that are just part of getting old and have a body that has done many years of training now. The other is more serious damage which could well and truly derail my season and this whole project. Picking the difference is not easy so I am erring on the side of caution. For now anyway.. As things can be down here in Australia which once overseas can be done as easily.

So what else has happened today?

We did Myers Briggs personality assessment with the crew this morning. Some great insights and in the main the guys all felt their type was accurate. Very helpful for how we work together, and a big help for Cobber our coach. With out going into detail it's safe to say we have a good mix but have some clear preferences which now we can use to enable great performance rather that potentially causing frustration particularly as we build up and pressure comes on. A few little surprises too which is great to see. Now we must ensure we use this platform along with what we have learnt to far about our crew to start to kick things up a gear.

Exciting times and I guess with my personal challenges it helps for us to keep building connections on and off the water. Also had dinner together last night. Beer and burgers with a few other friends and our crew which was great fun. Learning and perceptions of each other are being shaped all the time. The others know each other pretty well so for me it is about integrating while being who I am.

Actually we all need to be comfortable with each other to the point where we can trust each other and to feel that connection which verges on being mystical in terms of harmony on the water. I feel we are progressing but still have some way to finding the easy, natural and grooved state of readiness and preparedness. It is like finding extra gears which previously don't not seem to exist. I think we are in about 3rd gear and personally I am transitioning for 2nd to 3rd as I can see and feel I am way off 5th but 4th is not far away.

Once we really start to lock in the transition will happen quickly if we have prepared the right foundation. And you only know you have prepared the right foundation once the whole process starts to come to a boil. It's this kind of release which proceeds and percolating of sorts. We are still very much bring things up to the boil.

The insights are coming and today was interesting and I am looking forward to the flow which is on the horizon.


Dan Harvey said…
Hey Drew. You talk in some of your videos about using Drag Factor 10 ergos quite a lot. I'm interested to know what kind of session this is - is it short intervals at low rate high pressure, or just for long paddling?


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