Henley arrival

Yesterday we arrived at Heathrow and made our way out to Henley. Got to live this regatta and how it has maintained so many classic features. From being billeted out to strolling around the town with it's rowing history and the two lane course and enclosure, it's all very historical in feel and certainly a very cool place to come and race.

In the afternoon we jumped on the ergo's in the back of the boating area. Got pretty hot once more athletes flocked in to do a session. Chris our coach had arrived early with other coaches and went to Eton the Olympic rowing centre to rig our boat. The plan was to do some aerobic work about 30-60min just to get the body going after the long flight.

The ergo room got blood hot quickly and so even 30min was plenty to get things going. It was a bit like being on a spit roast on a summers afternoon. Red faces, loads of sweat and elevated heart rates. Nice to arrive though and get into things.


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