Back on that horse

Josh zipping along on his newish Look bike. He looks pretty happy on it.

Today I flew to Canberra to meet with the guys in the four. It was a last minute decision to be with the guys to meet about our new crew. It was also a chance for me to meet with the heads of the sport.

You could say we have had a few false starts but after today I feel better about moving forward. We had a good meeting about things and I enjoyed learning more about the guys. Obviously so much more learning to happen and loads of stuff comes from when you're in the boat together.

After during the the meeting with the high performance manager and head coach it was clear a few critical actions had been missing from our side of the equation with communication of plans, specifics and updates. This I think is essential to ensure all are on the same page. It's a two way street though and I have felt a little in the dark with somethings and when certain bits of the puzzle would be finalised.

More focus here then is on uncertainty, ambiguity or the unknowns. Personally my life seems like it is constant flux with change occurring so regularly that I have come to assume that's the norm. Years ago life was so much easier, clearer and less stressful. I say stressful not so much that I am stressed but the way of working, training and being with my family has me often stretched. Routine was lost years ago and yet what I try to do is find ways to gain some consistency of focused effort which often is only achieved after 8.30 at night. Unfortunately i don't think anyone else would like this routine.

What I am looking forward to is being able to spend some time with these guys in this boat and then and only then can we get a sense of the possibilities.

Right now I predict our four will be ok. Comparatively I think we will be around the mark. Is this acceptable? Not really but I think this should be kept in perspective. Quality people who work together will usually go pretty quick.

So what are we? Who are we? What do we need to perform? These were all question I wrote on a bit of paper during our meeting today.

Also I made a note about the three phase I see ahead.

Now to Lucern: Bring it together

Italy Camp: Taking it to a new level

Bled Racing: Making it happen

Getting back in the saddle as they say is my next step. The guys are moving forward and have one of the squad training with them. My role will be to bring experience to the group and I guess I can be very dogged when it comes to how we prepare, train, move and the standards we aspire to reach.

We have just over three weeks in Australia left and I know all to well have quickly things can come together with the right mindset. People have already been making changes and this will continue. So for me I am getting excited again and looking forward to next week.


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