Things don't always work out: Close one of our stores

Well it's been about 2.5 years in business with our first store and we have come to the time we have to close it. Our second store is still up and running and our efforts will focus on it. In the meantime closing Williamstown is sad, but a reality.

For those interested in a deal the sale is on this weekend only and is located at 18 Ferguson St Williamstown.

Sad yes, but I tell you I have learned heaps. The three of us as owners have held off the decision for as long as possible.

From a business point we tried to grow to soon. And with the change in the cycling market over the last 12months plus another store opening in Willy it made this very difficult from a cash flow perspective. Once cash gets low compromises get made and the rot starts. So many things we stopped doing well and so we take all the learning and with a new refreshed commitment we will improve South Melbourne store significantly.


Wai Mun said…
Greetings from Singapore. We met briefly at the Mercs shed late last year.

Sad to hear the Williamstown shop is closing. A mate of mine is bringing down the shutters to his bike shop this week as well.

Glad to hear you'll be back in action very soon.


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