Still Dragging Along

Ahhh well here I am on a rainy day. Things just seem to be going along like I am a dog dragging my backside around.

Somethings wrong I have had my rib, and now been sick for a week with what started out as my sinus's playing up. It's advanced into a head cold and chest infection. It's often said when things go wrong they really go wrong.

Sure I will come out the other side but boy I have to say I am getting to the point where I am over being laid up and out of action. So last weekend I got to ride my bike and feel normal, but since then I have gone through tissue box after tissue box.

'Well if I can't row, I can think about rowing or performing.'

Here we go...

Keeping my self engaged in the process of thinking through how I want to row and how I think the crew I will be in will need to row.

Length keeps coming to mind. Longer, faster, easier all feels like it fits well together.

Faster, How? Drive, purpose and understanding about how to maximise the boat speed.

Reality check, don't forget that it's about racing and everything should be about learning to move faster at the top end.

Rating, 34-36 strokes per minute that's what I see and that's what feels like will create the best, fastest, and optimal speed.

Length, again stay long and maximise the time in the water.

Time to accelerate, time together. In the water and out, the flow is all important.

Harmony, keeps popping up as something we must maintain. There will be times of disconnect and times or frustrating pain. But then again we will find some rhythm so sublime.

Length, again I know... it is so mundane. But hold on, swing along and make it long and strong.

Old school simplistic principles, length and poise will sing. The boat sounds fast and surges last, centimeters more per stroke.

Didn't mean here to sound all fuzzy and not practical. Words like water need to flow and slippery it is a show.

Strong and long, confidence we must have and to stay on track.

Straight lines and sequencing a must.
And did I say stay long?


Madis said…
This is some really good stuff!

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