Response to comment/email request to post stuff.

Here's to James who recently commented on "Getting Back Up To Speed" post.

I enjoy sharing, creating and learning how to be more effective. My blogging has developed since way back in 2006 I think and it was on the back of writing for a news paper on behalf of Bluearth Institute in the lead up to the 2004 games.


At this time I established an newsletter, Insight. So I guess this blog came from these types of activities. My real interest is in sharing insights and learning for sport and the influence on me. The idea of linking all this with a blog here, plus twitter!/drewginn and my personal website is to provide family, friends, clients and a wider audience in rowing to be part of the journey.

One things for sure is I am not great at keeping all this going but I am learning.

So now in response to your questions below:

Was wondering if you could do a blog post some time on what sort of stuff you do in the gym when it comes to weights (movements, sets, reps, weights etc), stretching and things like that. Obviously I understand that may not be so easy when you're returning from injury but just an insight into the sort of things you do. I'm fascinated by some of the training and cross training you've spoken about.

Well I haven't done proper/conventional wts since way back in 1999 when I first ruptured my disc doing squats. So I can explain the modified training I have done in the gym. Which by the way happens in spurts. Prior to Beijing Duncan and I had a simple session which basically involved:

Leg Press (Set usually 3-6 of 6-15 reps)
Bench Pulls (Same as above)
Seated Rows (Same as above)
Chin Ups (Max reps x 3 - 6 sets)

Plus we did yoga postures and some partner activities.

Postures included:

Down/Up face Dog
Side star
Hand Stands

Partner Activities involved:

Slaps - Basically pushing each other off balance while standing face to face and only being able to slap hands.
Swiss ball balancing with ball skills - Standing on a swiss ball while your partner throws a 2kg medicine ball at you.
Partner Swiss Ball - Both on swiss balls and batting the ball back and forth.

Currently I do postures with combined vibration plate work. Obviously while rib has been injured nothing but now I am allowed to do hand stands, push ups and side stars again.

Also, do you have to think very carefully about what you eat and drink? I know some people seem to be able to eat what they like and others have to be very strict. Do / can you enjoy alcoholic beverages ever? Obviously at uni we have the two extremes in the club with British trialists and other more serious athletes taking having to be quite careful with eats and drinks and some people you wouldn't even know did a sport the amount they eat and drink what they like.

I am aware of what I eat and try to where I can be sensible. How ever for me it is usually quantity first with the need to keep up the calories as I tend to loose weight easily. Protein is critical too as when your body is getting hammered the rebuilding is essential to stay strong.

As for drinking I am a fan of water but love my beer. Usually I have a beer or two each night. Years ago there was the binge drinking but now more. I am more sensible, boring as it sounds.

Pretty much for many years I got away with eating and drinking anything. The cost was quality of training not that day but days and even weeks later. The impact of a poor diet or unhealthy eating and drinking comes later when your body is at full stretch. The recovery, repair and rebuilding is less effective and this takes it's toll. But I am no angle and have my vices. Tim Tam biscuits were a favorite for years and I could go through a pack in one sitting. Loads of calories so even with the fat the down side was less of a concern for me. I am better with these things these days.

So my wts training is more about body function, stability and maintainance these days and my food and drink is about ensuring I recover the best I can.

Thanks James for posting the questions and hope this helps.


Great, thanks. Very interesting once again

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