Getting Back Up To Speed

Getting back up to speed. Obviously right now has been about getting over being sick and my rib injury. Starting to come out the other side so here are some video's over the last two days.

Through riding I am at least getting to enjoy being out and about. After spending so much time indoors I love getting out on the road.

Hers another session which I must admit shows that I am just a big kid. My kids are so much fun and being able to do these types of activities with them makes me laugh, smile and love life more. I mean life is great but with a family I find so many times I am tested, pushed, stretched, rewarded, tickled, made to reflect, it's humbling, marvelous, grand, simple and well it brings out the best in me.

So many ways to train and prepare. Years ago when I was working with Bluearth Institute the people, purpose and experience was amazing. Working with coaches and kids in schools had such a profound effect on my life. Like here with my kids it great to just be free to play.


Hi Drew.

First, absolutely love the blog! V informative and having only come across it a few months ago, I am hooked. I only started rowing a couple of years ago but love it and have recently been made president of Loughborough Students Rowing Club for the next year (I'm at Loughborough University, England). I really want to progress the club as a whole and one way (aside from performance and results) is by using social media like facebook, twitter, youtube, flickr and blogging much more to inform members, prospective members and people who may just have an interest, so I was wondering if you have any tips. You seem to use most of these platforms, and very well too!

Also, I was wondering if you could do a blog post some time on what sort of stuff you do in the gym when it comes to weights (movements, sets, reps, weights etc), stretching and things like that. Obviously I understand that may not be so easy when you're returning from injury but just an insight into the sort of things you do. I'm fascinated by some of the training and cross training you've spoken about. Also, do you have to think very carefully about what you eat and drink? I know some people seem to be able to eat what they like and others have to be very strict. Do / can you enjoy alcoholic beverages ever? Obviously at uni we have the two extremes in the club with British trialists and other more serious athletes taking having to be quite careful with eats and drinks and some people you wouldn't even know did a sport the amount they eat and drink what they like.

Cheers and best of luck in your recovery, training and competition! Keep up the good work on and off the water.


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