First Ride Back: Been four weeks indoors until yesterday

Here comes 4 parts of a video during my first road ride back since having my rib stress fracture diagnosed.

There is a bit of a rant about the Desalination plant that is being built down on the coast, some talk about where I am at physically and I guess mentally. Add some reflections about rowing and the pathway forward from here. Plus the fun of being able to get out on the road bike again.

"Motivation is tested
when you have to
start again."
The Wattbike has served well and surprising considering I have kept my training time limited to be able to get out and enjoy a ride just over 2hrs through the hills out back from Inverloch/Wonthaggi and be getting the power number / heart rate and sense of effort in the right zone. The road ahead is long and I still have a couple of weeks before I get a look at a boat. Getting used to re-start process of injuries and illness and whats required to get back up to speed.

"My training hasn't been normal for years."

So I am back to the build up and yes my motivation has been tested. It's been hard to watch my level slip away from where I was at during the Nationals. That's not the worst thing though. I have felt my back regress slight with out the stability work in my training due to not being able to use my arms. 

Also not being able to do loaded work on the ergo means my backs strength has dropped. This is the hard part. The focus and attention to regain back strength will be consuming for some period once I am back to normal training. What am I saying? My training hasn't been normal for years. It's like every time something breaks, fall a part or just stops working properly I have to find a work around. Great for being creative and finding new solutions to training, preparation, performance and learning.

All this time others involved in our National team selections have been building up to the trials which are on right now. This I felt guilty about. Nothing I can do but still to be sitting back while everyone battles it out leaves you feeling a bit hollow. I mean I am very grateful that we are being supported to be able to go to the World Cup in Luzern to race as our selection. It is still weird when you can actually race for selection and others have to. Not sure what I am trying to say here, just the random thoughts of a caged athlete I guess. Guilt, frustration, excitement for the little things and some ambivalence.

So here are the video's from yesterdays ride.

Stats: 2hr 10min
HR av: 146
Watts: 370
Stops: 4 to take video
Comment: First 20min I was like a little kid. Last 20min I was getting hungry.


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