A Special Place: Temora

Well this is the morning after and I woke up at 5am after only 3hr sleep. Normally I would write about some of the detail of a function like I went to last night, but I loved the way this community came together. It struck me how wonderful it is when a small town creates an atmosphere and event that highlights their love of sport and activity.

The town is Temora and is about 80km drive from Wagga Wagga. The welcome I received and the experience of sharing in their awards night was some thing that I will cherish. It’s not that I have be to similar types of evening before, I have been to plenty, but last night reminded me of were I grew up. Inverloch is where I spent much of my youth. So many memories of the way we would hang out and spend time at friend’s houses and down the street. Temora had a very similar feel and probably had taken many steps to create things like last night to bring everyone together.

The opportunity to speak about the Olympics is great, but to be able to connect to a community that reminded me of where I grew up made it special. The fact that my host, a guy with the nickname, Herb, was very keen to make sure I enjoyed myself made a great impression. After doing the official things we have a few beers and shared many stories. It was a great night and I know the many young kids in the room certainly showed that being involved in everything that’s available to them is a great way to grow up. This reminded me a lot of my youth. Being involved in many sports and activities was one of the most enjoyable parts of being a kid. You could have a go at anything.

After boarding the light aircraft I really need to catch some sleep. When I woke after some 30min I glanced out the window and to my delight, well part delight and waking eyes I saw the grand sight of the alpine ranges below. The mountain ranges were being greeted by the morning sun, what a spectacle. Each ripple in the landscape looked to be dividing the low-lying cloud. The wing and engine just outside my window puts it into perspective. It also reminds me of the many flights I have flown. I guess I have become accustom to the travel and this trip is certainly better than the flight up as the seat I have is a single which is allowing extra space for my knees.


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