Shadow Box

In the shadow a waits
Curiosities perplexing state
Vexing manor
Can’t find a grin
Who knows, what?
Glazed onionskin
Rye soul on bread
Spinning in your head
Rising up falling down
Fading in and sounding out
Sticky tape band-aid plan
Hold it together catch you if you can
What’s this standing?
Undisclosed manners stow away
Hid away, find away
Must come to light
Whip cracking slight
Expressions strain
Water on the brain
Reframe existence toil
Inner resistance, persistence
Braising pose a poise of sorts
Can’t get rid of this noise distorting
Calming reminders
Find a place to land
Settle on this choice
For goodness sack
Take a break
Breath absorb
The bonded shackle scores
Tackles the questions
Cross the lines
For being asked
Just in time
Remember to pause
The game is…Yours


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