Ergo Session: 10min blocks

Did this session tonight and I really enjoyed the duration of each block of work. You can obviously do any number of blocks and tonight while the weather outside our shed became colder and colder, insider I was quiet warm. You could even say hot, what was funny was after sitting around for a couple of minutes after each block I started to get cold quickly, so it gave me good reason to keep moving through the blocks of 10mins.

Tonight session was 6 x 10min @ 20 strokes per minute. I monitored my heart rate and was happy to sit around 155 to 165 bpm. The 10min block session is great because it give real focus to a duration I find right for concentration. The intensity is reasonable but sustainable. My aim was to sit in the low 1.40's and after the 5th block I decided to give the last a bit of a push. With a little rate step from 20 to 26 spm.

For me personally this type of session is simple but effective because I can get off the ergo after each block to stand up and have a walk around for the two minutes before going again. In the past I have enjoyed doing a similar session of 4 blocks of 10mins and tonight I thought I would do a couple extra as I was feeling quiet fresh.

My thinking with this session is that over time the lower the split that is achieved consistently for 10min is transferable to the upper ranges in rate. I guess it gives some meaning to the ergo session that I am doing most of the time. It will be very interesting to see how I go in a few week when we are tested in the laboratory.


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