Back Together: Base Camp

The few days on the gold coast went ok. What was interesting from my perspective was the fatigue that I felt. Today it was a real struggle getting through 14kms. I felt bad about not being energised and enthusiastic, but found it was a challenge. The load on the handle felt heavy and every strategy I tried didn’t produce a better outcome. All the travel and I guess the increase in training over the last month has caught up with me I think. Duncan and Chris seemed to be understanding and put up with my erratic approach this morning. We had breakfast after and spoke about training over the next period before leaving Australia.

This has been our first time back in the boat since trials and I must admit it’s difficult initial when I think about how good it felt then and to have to go back to the build up process again. What is exciting though is that we have a clear focus now from these three days and will be back in the pair again next week. Time together will increase slowly I being patient is needed. It all becomes a bit overwhelming when I think of all the work that is ahead of us. To think about the effort required to create the boat speed seems like a bit of an up hill battle at the moment. The base fitness and conditioning is pretty good and we will now start to focus on being specific about how we make the improvements needed to optimise.

Chris and I have discussed the idea of me getting out in the single scull again while back home. After the ergo and bike work I feel like I am ready to challenge the skills again and will working on being creating about ways to stimulate adaptation and improvement. Something that was noticeable was how much better prepared Duncan is than last year. He look like he is really getting back into the shape I recall seeing him in during his best seasons. It’s a bit scary to think actually because of the force he can produce is amazing and I think this International season I will be pressed to match him. Not that it’s a big concern because being in the bow seat means if I need to I can just run the blade in a little early. It’s a nice little trick that keeps any stroke on their toes. I joke but it is fun rowing with him when he launches into it. The boat wants to jump out of the water even with the adjusted trim I feel like the bow seat rides high out of the water.

So it is a weekend back in Melbourne with my family and some serious volume of training then back to the Gold Coast early in the week. The week after Duncan comes down to Melbourne and I am sure by that stage things will be moving quiet well in the boat. The hands become used to the timber oars again and the sensation of harmonious match up will be present. I say all this in a way like it will just happen, well not quiet but I am confident that with only a few sessions we will be in the swing of it again. Then we can really start to set our sights on the bigger targets and then we will start to challenge our benchmark measures to see how far we can take this combination.


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