Well what can I say about the day I have had. Simply, inspirational...

Let me take a deep breath and offer this quick download.

This afternoon I caught up with two amazing people, friends, colleagues and supporters. I mention all this because they provide all these things and more. Today though it was awe inspiring. I just wish that I have anticipated the range and depth of dialogue that we would engaged in. I didn't but I plan too and really want to be able to translate the energy, inspiration and clarity I felt will spending the afternoon throwing around ideas from performance and transformation, to wisdom, education, practical experiences, and ways and methods of engaging and sharing the great experience I term as, 'inspiration'.

The two gentlemen I was fortunate enough to catch up with have assist me a great deal during many conversations and I am appreciative of their time and energy. This is even more important when I consider just how luck I am to have a network of support to engage with. They inspire me, they enable me to engage with them about topics and themes that inspire and motivate me to look beyond my assumptions. To dig into my essence of what it is to be an athlete is something that I love doing and with guidance like I have the questions, ideas, shifts in thinking and willingness to explore and take action becomes natural. So to my friends today and the many who have helped me along the way I say, 'Thank You'.


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