Rowing Talk: ADDS

ADDS: Athlete Driven Development System

Insights & Experiences - Inquiry / Current Reality (Modes of support, baggage, structures, habits, 
Learning & Realisations
What have you tried?
What have you done?
What haven't you done?
How have you done things?
Whats your understanding about how you got here?
Whats holding you back?
Whats enabling you?
What are your habits? Which ones are helpful and which ones are destructive?

Strengths & Needs - What are they? Why? How do you know? Who can confirm?
Major Influences - Who and what have been the major influences in your life?
Major Struggles/Obstacles/Challenges/Issues 
What have they been? Why? What have you created here? What could you have done differently? What did you try to do? What do you think you could do now? Whats been stopping you? Whats held you back?

Future Orientation - Self Directed plus thought provoking (Projections & Wild Imaginings)
Whats driving you going forward? Why are you involved in this? What do you want to happen? Why do you want to do this? No really why? No really why? Why? (7 Whys)

What gives you energy? 

Doing Stuff Alone, Doing Things With Others, Taking Initiative, Being Lead, Being Coached, Being Challenged, Setting Goals, Achieving Goals, Doing, Learning, Crowds, Challenge, Winning, Risk, Achieving, Making Mistakes, Being Centre Of Attention, Being Quiet, Reflecting, Thinking, Focusing, Performing, Following, Being Praised, Being Pushed, Being Left To Work It Out, Seeing Other Do Well, Doing Well, Trying Stuff, Working Stuff Out, Knowing Whats Expected, Knowing Whats Required, Listening, Having Clear Goals, Seeing Improvement, Time Pressures, Making Decisions, Taking Action, Getting Results, Being Together, Laughing, Anticipation, Understanding, Great Moments, Being Part Of Something Special, Helping Others, Learning Something New, Finding Something Out, Seeing Somethings Other Don't, Realising Something, Having An Answer, Asking A Question, Getting Lost, Uncertainty, Being Organised, Being Right, Sharing, Feeling Something, Having Choices, Making Choices, Saying No, Stepping Up, Thinking About New Ideas, Making People Laugh, Hurting, Feeling Pain, Getting Taken Care Of, Being Looked Up To, Being Included, Having Autonomy, Being Creative, Being Good, Being Bad, Influencing Others, Surprising People, Getting Something For Nothing, Working Hard For Something, Deserving Something, Being Helped, Taking Control, Having Control, Letting Go, Resting, Sleeping, Pushing Boundaries, Challenging Others, Doing A Good Job, Doing Whats Expected, Making People Happy, Beating Others, Stuffing Up, Following A Plan, Setting The Pace, Catching Something, Being In Front, Being Vulnerable, Being Uncomfortable, Finding A Way, Showing Others, Proving Yourself, Showing Others, Being Better, Being The Best, Being Capable, Doing The Opposite, Doing Things Differently, Sticking To A Plan, Changing, Standing Out, Flying Under The Radar, Being Loud, Doing Things You Know, Having A Routine, Impressing Others, Telling Stories, Knowing Facts, Having Knowledge, Knowing Things Others Don't, Having Power, Having Authority, Leading, Being Unique, Showing Care, Taking Care, Being Careful, Having Discipline, Feeling Guilty, Being Passionate, Setting The Standard, Getting Out Of Control, Let Things Happen, 

What takes it away?
Vision - Big Picture / Horizons
Scope It Out, Set the scene, Highest Point & Levels down to where the rubber hits the road.
Whats the system view?

Goals - Leads and drives the action steps
What are they? Targets, Aims, Focuses, Needs, Wants, Interests, Thoughts

Idea Generation - What are the possibilities? New ideas? Solutions?

Challenges & possible de-railers ?
How do we better prepare and ready ourselves for them?
Visualise them and think through solutions, ideas for what will be needed to overcome, break through them. 

Key Success Factors
What will it look and feel like when you make key moments going forward?
When will these things happen? When do they need to happen by? Where are the lines in the sand?

Now this all leads into the engagement aspect of the system... Add meaning and drive from those involved and it comes to life. More to come on this...


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