Reflecting on Lucern

Have been going back through video footage on my hard drive and found a few bits post racing and some heat footage which I thought was interesting.

Here's Will Lockwood and James Chapman after our final.

Here's some footage of the heat row which made me laugh at how messy we were but obviously pretty fast. The race before the GB four set a new World Best time which was amazing. We didn't know before we raced so when we heard all the results after and compared the first 1000 - 1500m it was cool to get a first impression of what would become some great battles on the water.


Anonymous said…
Drew, just a technical question- how did you guys get such fast, dynamic leg drive whilst remaining with the boat and not getting ahead of it?
Unknown said…
Our intent was to not load the legs but rather slide the hips. We appreciated the need to stay super lose and allow speed of movement to be created by relaxation and actually staying with the speed of the boat. So leg drive as such was not the focus. But our focus was staying lose and fast as a movement. What did become obvious was hips speed became quiet quick but it felt natural within. Outside though it starts to look almost like we are bum shoving as they say. So good data suggested this hip momentum helped maintain higher speeds with less effort. Hope that helps. Drew
Anonymous said…
Thanks Drew, that helps a lot!

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