Life after the big event: Energy, Drive & Collaboration

With the Chef: Nick (Egg) Green & Drew at closing ceremony

Found a very short diary entry which I was alerted to tonight. To think 60 days has passed since the Games made me pause for a moment. I took a deep breath and considered all that has happened since being home and all that happened in the last 6 months. What an amazing experience.

60 days ago

This is what you got done the last time we heard from you. The day was Friday, August 03.
  • Am off - Relax and reflect on what this all means
  • Pm row 8km Pre race - Enjoy last row
  • Before final: 'I love what I do and we will do the best we can'

Six months ago

This is what you got done on this day six months ago. The day was Monday, April 02.
  • Traveled to M'bah for camp on Tweed River
  • "Get ready to go deep"
  • PM short row 40min in four to settle in
Each day since has involved moving from that day back into life with my family and work. I feel fortunate to have a number of things on the go at the moment while managing a busy schedule with my business deliver and facilitating session for clients. 

Currently advancing my skills with being better organised is a key and I guess personal productivity is proving to be essential in how I complete actions and ensure I manage my time, energy and effort.

Translating the sporting experience into the workplace is a big part of the process I am going through and acknowledging that many skills can be adapted across disciplines. This still leaves me feeling like I have many gaps and yet I am not scared of these rather excited to work out how to build my capabilities and knowledge.

Some of the many opportunities being presented are coming though collaborative relationships which are leading to further opportunities. Between my energy and drive, plus a willingness to share like through this blog I feel like many of these opportunities are just so cool. I share this because I have always felt passionate about sharing within my sport and thought sharing and also being open to learning as well and needing to question how to do thing better, has helped me as and athlete and it is aiding me in my business.

For athlete like myself we are lucky in one sense as we get a great boost once we achieve like we have in the past and it sets us up, not financially but by way of exposure. Like my friend above, Nick Green who was Chef De Mission of the Australian Olympic Team this year. To see him as an athlete and row with him was a great experience. To observe his transition from athlete to his role at Bluearth in 2000 and beyond has been very cool indeed. Over the last few years I have loved watching him find his feet in the role as leader of the Australian games team for 2012 and this reminds me why athlete can transition extremely well. 

Athletes develop many great skills and through hours of training learn to go deep into who they are to produce performance under pressure. What we did this year with our four was heaps of fun and it was a very clear process of setting a vision based of own perspective of what London would be about for us collectively and individually. From that vision we established a routine and program to test and extend ourselves. We put ourselves through the constant riggers of transparent measurement and monitoring. We push ourselves and challenged each other. We were action orientated and our approach was one of finding a way, learning to be more resourceful and learning new solutions to perform better, more efficient and to build capacity. We review and communication and questioned how we did things. We had joy and frustration, angst and some depths of sorrow and disappear. We supported each other and asked for honest, trust and openness. We became close and loved living the meaning of making our boat faster. We planned, trained, tested, and performed. We made changes, adjustments and had a critical eye for what we wanted to row like and what we felt would prepare us best. We did all this and we those moments came we gave all we could. Some days were easier than other and some days were very tough. With out question we gave the whole experience our all and every element has made us better athletes, better people and given us understanding and insight as to how to go from selection to the peak moment and honour our aspirations and wild imaginings. All this holds us in good stead, and all this is transferable. 

Life after the games has been a buzz, it has been busy and although I am yet to make a personal decision about my future, the forward motion is absorbing. 


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