New Opportunities, Making a Difference & Getting involved

ADDS: This is very much to surface wash, and broad bush of whats needs to be involved in enabling athletes and other to drive their process and performance forward.

New Opportunities, Making A Difference & Getting Involved
Its been great to get home after the Games and getting back into the many working opportunities. Included in this is assisting with the Victorian Institute Of Sport Rowing Program by helping to guide Athlete Development. Have been interested for some time in creating a system and support for athletes and possibly coaches to ensure greater satisfaction, better performance, improved reward and recognition process which revolve around learn and not just success.
Its about getting creative, energising and providing a real platform for athletes, coaches and support people to better engage, connect and drive improvement, change, efficiency and deeper meaning. The excitement comes from all involved and the reality is exposed to ensure true, quality and well directed action is delivered and visible.
So between my work commitments which are steadily building again I am getting the chance to not only speak up but to get involved in helping set or guide the pathway forward in our sport in Australia.


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