Slowed down by a bug... Damn

Over the last few days I have struggled. In reality it's been a mild case of gastro, but it's knock me for six and has slowed my momentum. I am sure the slight cramping, fluctuating moments of feeling sick and the headache has all been magnified by being somewhat run down.

It actually start Mon when I noticed I just felt tired. Not so much specific training fatigue but a general sense of exhaustion. I was aware of it in training and felt I was sensible but come Wed morning when we do our competitive work with other pairs I had to work quiet hard to get going. After this I was sensing it was worse and the it hit. Gastro, and yes I know it's probably not the ideal thing to be talking about here but what I figure is a stomach bug of some sort so blood, and such a little thing had me feel very ordinary that night.

Come Thur morning I was due to ride then row but I decided I would only go for the row and even then asked the guys if we could only do one lap, 7kms. As soon as I stopped rowing each time the throbbing in my head was like some one banging on a door. The pounding was only matched by the waves of nausea. After this I had to head to the Vic Institute of Sport to have an unrelated test done as part of our selection process for the Olympic team. We had an ECG taken to make sure our heart are ok. Less the worry for me at the time as all I really wanted to do was get home and rest.

Here what hurt most. I jumped on my commuter bike and start out along St Kilda Rd towards home, when two people rode by. They were on very old clapped out bikes and looks very unfit and I could not even muster the energy to keep up with them. It felt like I crawled home and once in the door I start guzzling down water feeling so thirsty.

After posting some great training score on the rowing machine last week and feeling very much onto of things I am now feeling out of shape. Yes I know once all this clears that is less the truth but for now I feel and have felt terrible. Slowed down by a little bug and how humbling it is as I at a few times have felt like all the great work is being undone. Again I rationally know this is not the case but until I can get back into things this is how I feel.

It's amazing how quickly the wheels can come off and things can come undone or at least in our minds. Today I did a light wattbike session and still have a residual sense of being drained.

Q. When was the last time you got knocked for six, or stopped in your tracks, or slowed down and how did you bounce back?

For me it will be about starting small again and testing my body so I don't have a second round of what every it was thats had it's way with me. Ugh, I feel dirty and violated.. Time to move on, Please.


Mike Shields said…
Feel better Drew! I have been suffering a similar malady. Feeling sick reminds me to be thankful for feeling great most of the time.
Mike from New Hampshire
Anonymous said…
Guttered that the 4 didn't compete today, would have been so good to watch! Hope it clears up soon!
Patrick Lacey said…
I got a case of pneumonia for a week last spring, and my coaches pushed me to keep training through it (before knowing it was pneumonia). It ended up getting worse and all in all it took me three weeks after a week completely off to get back to pulling the erg numbers I had before getting sick. You can't afford a month off of your training, so get some rest and feel better!
Anonymous said…
last winter got shingles after coming back from an overseas rowing trip, the year before that it was swine flu! as always it was just about taking your time and checking yourself before you wreck yourself

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