The Joy

Well it's been an interesting couple of weeks.

My thoughts have been public about Head of the yarra and could be seen as whinging or pointing out the stupidity. It's all perspective really. What is interesting is how these things like Head of the Yarra end like this. We used the fuel and yet kept ourselves focused.

The joy of having a race which turned the tables and probably embarrassed in some way. To think last week I was ill and feeling like much good work was undone. Then our TT at Carrum was less than preferred as performances go. Add to this the HOY organizes writing us off and Sydney Uni president putting a target on his crews back and the fuel to perform increased. Illness, bad TT and a point to prove all adds up to a moment when I had to laugh. Oh the joy and it's a gear reason why I love rowing and am still loving being involved to great athletes.

So we were the successful crew today. Many things helped us. We had the people committed to doing their best. We discussed how to get the best performance and how great equipment.

Our crew:

Cox Jared Spiers
Stroke Josh Dunkley Smith
Drew Ginn
Tom Swann
Nick Baker
John Linke
Danny Brighthope
David Crawshay
David De Lang

Coach Sandy Mitchell and David Framano (I said to Sandy well coached and his response was very under stated. He and many others got us organized and made sure today happened. He look exhausted yesterday and was coaching and rigging for many hours. Thanks)

Boat Wintech provided by Rob Walker (Rob was very anxious about his new boat and the state o the bloated river with logs coming down. Big thanks mate for the boat, it's a winner)

This was the mercantile crew for 2011 and we did a great job. Over took Syd Uni at the famous big bend with much swearing and yelling coming from our crew as we nailed the corner. Then the patience to sit behind MUBC and wait for Scotch Straight where we launch a full power effort once jarrod got our nose up there inside.

Our cox jared did a great job and the wintech eight did what we asked. Josh in the stroke seat maintain the tempo and after his now customary gorilla mating call which is like watching an animal waking from a deep sleep. The skin went red and power came on and the whole crew stuck to him like glue.

The Canberra based athletes Tom Swann, John Linke and David Crawshay came down to make it our best crew. The young guys were great keeping their nerve and sticking to the plan. Danny Brighthope and David De Lang stepped up and matched up well and delivered. New mercantile club captain and light weight World camp in the eight, Nick Baker was brilliant as a big man in the 5 seat. So you see belief, commitment and some good old rat cunning played a major part in the tables being turned today.

Some stats from my iPhone include:

28 min 40 sec with HR av 174 and max 184
Stroke rate av 35.2

Interesting numbers plus my inside forearm was blown up at the end from us rowing in the wash of the other crews for so long. Even so we never let the rhythm go and kept it alive all the way.

The celebration across the line was something to enjoy. It meant a lot and it why we will always do these club races when we can and are allowed. Not to collect a pot but rather the challenge our racing as a club. Mind you the trophy may be hard for the organizers to find. The boys won't be letting go with their frozen death grip cause giving up aint our thing. It's the way we do it at Mercantile. It's not arrogance but passion. A never say never attitude and yes we are proud. Like any athletes and people should be of their club.

All up it has been a roller coaster two weeks and yet it's ended on a high. Oh the joy.

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Mlibr7 said…
Thanks for sharing something of "the Joy"
To Drew and your crew - many congratulations. I made my way specially to congratulate you guys on a great job after the race: bravo again, publicly! That's 16 guys and two coxswains ahead of the SUBC crew, I look forward to a Victorian crew racing in March at Champion Lakes! All the best, Alex and MUBC.
Unknown said…
Thanks Alex appreciate firstly you coming up to congratulate us and also for your comments here.
Brendan Crotty said…

Congrats on winning the HOY.
Everyone over here is psyched that you like Graeme King's new 8+. Hopefully I'll be able to say that face to face one day. If we can ever help you when your in the States just let me know.
All the best in training,

Brendan Crotty
WinTech/King Racing Shells

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