Head of the Yarra scam

The organizers should be ashamed of themselves for what they have done with the draw for this years event. Sydney Uni wrote a letter asking to be bumped up the list past our mercantile club crew citing the so called obvious in equality between the crews.

What a scam I have been racing this event over many years and firstly the arrogance to suggest a draw change and then the sheer weakness of the organizers to stick to their own rules is baffling.

Question is simple: why even do the race if the rule of positioning crews based on the year before does count. Special circumstances could be given, sure but why? It's sad really the in previous years one club with a better crew has has to row past the crew with the lead position based on the year before. It make for a great race.

Maybe they should send Syd Uni off first make it as easy as possible for the so called best crew.

What a scam and to think all those fun and exciting past head of the yarra races could have been made easier with the stroke of a pen.

"please let's us start first or we won't come"

Think I might send a letter now to IOC and ask for a Gold Medal now I am pretty good. No harm in trying.

Head of the Yarra organizers you are a sad lot of suckers.

So that's my dummy spit out of the way now on to have fun next week and sticking up em as they say.


Douez said…
Mate I am appalled! This is an absolute disgrace and has really got me fired up, supporting, heaven for bid Mercs! So many years gone past with some epic racing resulting from having to make time up on the crew in front, or hold off a faster crew behind. Agree the organisers should be put to the sword.
Anthony said…
Good luck with that Drew remember its a Masters event and counts for little or nothing at best the HoY is just a mining event for a club that gives nothing back to rowing
Simon said…
Nothing like a little bit of incentive to go out and stuff them big time!!!
Anonymous said…
Good to hear about things that matter up at the pointy end of the HOY! My 14 yr old is rowing with a Townsville schoolgirl crew for her first HOY. Trains on the river with crocs, are travelling 2600k each way to do their best back in the pack of a ‘fun’ but serious row 1 week out from Qld States. She’s already making plans to row other great rivers of the world and a lifetime of rowing.

The journey reveals more than the destination. Coz the Rabbits and Maroons don’t row we think we’ll leave Sydney Uni off our cheer list too. Let the oars speak on Saturday!
Anonymous said…
C'mon, Mercs and MUBC shouldn't really be worrying should they? Both clubs are professional pot hunters when it comes to HOY, then never seen again in grade racing. Just get some interstate or international imports, stack a C grade crew, and smash all the genuine club rowers in B and particularly C grade. Heroes....

Doesn't an elite crew starting before or after another elite crew seems a bit trivial; compared to a typical club crew finding themselves racing elite athletes?

No sympathy here I'm sorry.
Mlibr7 said…
Congratulations on your win! Hoping you can give us a little account of your efforts to pass both the SU And MUBC boats.
MTyrrell said…
Great photo's of the crew crossing the line. Love the big win in tricky conditions, especially after your bleat last week. cheers M

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