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A friend just sent this to me and made me feel better. To put in context we had our state based time trials this morning and after last week I am still struggling a bit physically but in the pair we rowed very poorly. So when this video came through I sat here and immediately feel like getting things back on track.

It's challenging so days when things either just don't go well or motivation takes a hit for what ever reason. I find watching things like this and even reading about amazing activities really brings me back to the central feeling of why I enjoy the challenge. It's because of the challenge that I get to feel when things are going well and appreciate things better.

We are not risking life in what we do and yet to get things just right requires enormous effort and concentration some times. Seeing and hearing about others finding new ways to go beyond their limits has always given me energy and understanding the process other use helps what we do so much.

Days like today I get frustrated and even feel pretty low but staying in the state does not help. Become more invigorated and stronger in resolve is whats needed and I can't forget the importance of recovering for illness. We now have 3 weeks until the first round of National trials. Today we fell over. Now its about getting back up and re-establishing momentum.

Results: http://www.rowingvictoria.asn.au/images/stories/draft_results_tt3.pdf


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