Luzern Life

Got to say its been 2 years but things are the same here in Luzern as they were back then in 2008 and actually I felt like it's been since 1994 that I have been coming here and not much is different. I loved it then and over all those years have some many great memories that come flooding back.

The Rotsee which is the rowing course is as good a place to row as any where in the World. It has an almost mystical feel to it as you stroll down the road to be greeted by the sight of the boat park. Sure I use license here but why not when you feel this way. The place holds something special.

Since arriving we have trained and done race prep and now starting the freshen up process for racing. Things have taken a significant step. It's not perfect but the commitment to change this week has been great. It's a challenge as we are a new crew yet three of the guys have been together all last year.

On family matters... Had a meal with my family last night at a place just on the river. The kids are happy and my wife is happy and that makes me happy.

This weekend we will race and race well. The speed we will show we represent where we are at and I am now starting to see clearly what we need to do to go from here and really step things up.

This week I am reminded about feel for the boat, feel for the water, feel for each other and feel for the moment or event. Having presence and being intentionally focused and harnessing that sense of purpose is key. Understanding that rowing is about moving a boat not only during the drive phase but more so during the recovery. Listening to the boat, being aware of the movement, the pacing, the sensory elements all for the purpose of going faster with more ease.

Luzern is an amazing place, postcard like and it has an old World feel. We are here and each day more teams arrive and our team I feel is coming nicely into form. Maybe not pitch perfect form, but sustainable patterning and purpose that will enable performances here and greater gains in the coming months. Luzern is a step and used to be a benchmark regatta. Things haven't change with the place that much as I said but it has become a critical step to greater performances.


Eric Murray said…
Southern Assault!
oceanway said…
Lets fly the Aussie flag
Maz said…
Really enjoy reading your blog. So much sport is a head and body working together. Good luck for the racing at Luzern...hope you fly! All Josh's family in Ballarat will be keeping a close eye on results.
krk realty said…
You have done it perfectly! Im so proud of you.

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