Italy absorbed

What can be said about a place you love? Pretty much the experience of training here, having family here and enjoying the lifestyle here is all consuming, absorbing and quiet wonderful. Some reality though...

I have been so tired on many occasions and free time has been somewhat rare. I am not fluent at speaking Italian, or even ok at it. At times the heat has me completely overwhelmed and then again we have had rain and storms too. But I love it here.

Sorry for lack of posting to my blog as I said time has been rare.

For now though I will sneak in a quicky for good measure. Training is progressing, we aren't flying but have really been working solidly to improve. We are at our best yet but have discussed what being our best means. We have had to find ways to improve and still exploring. We have been reminded to keep it simple and yet at times it feels we need to make it more complex to truly learning for the long term. We are not completely clear yet but clarity is coming and along with it our ability to communicate and embrace change. I have been reminded of life as an old athlete and young. Some challenges have been personal and others about triggering each other to change. Our boat has been tweaked and we are finding what works for us. Our connection to each other is growing and our relationship with each other, coach, boat, performance, learning and change is strengthening. Letting go of certain ideas has had to happen and yet some old principles have come to the surface. We are still rowing and the want to be faster has not changed and we never be to far from our minds.

Personally what can I say about the journey thus far? Moments, glimpses, reality checks, frustrations, joy and excitement have all been present and quiet full on. My role in the crew, our team has evolved. I have been asked to be more vocal and yet at times I have felt vulnerable. Even weakness has been an acquaintance over the last weeks. A sense of weakness of frailty. The questions of can I or will I again be able to do what I need to achieve and lead have jump out from the shadows and while my body with the various injuries seems to be holding up, it does ache more the years gone by. Even as I share this I remind my self that as much as it's my body, it is my mind. I have a will to succeed and am regaining my footing to lead and be part of a team. This has taken time and I have found it hard to position my self to be the best I can be for my team and to articulate the ideals and standards that I know must be achieve to experience that satisfaction in a months time. Plus on the next 12 months. So that is my situation and obviously more to come but for now I am off to train. The preparation is key and the readying self and crew for a great performance has no time to rest.


Wado said…
I imagine family being allowed (hopefully encouraged) to be with you at the pre-Worlds camp is a contrast to the situation when you started rowing internationally.

I could imagine there are some who are critical of this "intrusion" into the bubble you're trying to create around your boat, but I think its commendable and removes a significant stressor for those at a stage in their lives where family is a reality.

Is this a recent change in arrangements?

Good luck with your preparations Drew - one more expat cheering you all on.

Patrick Lacey said…
For an old, decrepit guy you're doing pretty well! Just keep fighting, I'm rooting for you and your boatmates from here in the USA.

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