Hands, I love u so

You would think I was past this crap. Week 2 here in Italy and my hands are shredded. I have sores on my ass too and yet I love this feeling of pushing the boundaries. Not easy but something about testing things and having the obvious signs of wear and tear showing through. Have been pretty damn tired this first solid week. Leave no stone unturned as they say. Right now though I am about to head to our new swish training centre to better myself. Seems the weather has hit and the regular thunder storm will have us indoors this time on wattbikes. The joy of fatigue is coming my way yet again. Not the first time today but that's no surprise as we have some racing to ready for. Onwards and upwards and until all resolve is meet with pure persistence it will be the day we find ease. Hopefully my soft little hand harden the f&$k up soon, please.


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