It's a kids life

It's a funny thing to consider how great it is to have family here when we are training and preparing. It's a kids life hanging out and swimming at a near by lake. Not just for the kids though. It has been perfect for an old athlete too.

Back in 2007 when we first had family come and stay here I recall that Duncan and I both viewed the experiences as one of our most enjoyable tours overseas.

Now in 2011 with Rowing Australia embarking on continuing the evolution of the family tour I am again loving the lifestyle and how it makes a big difference in preparing.

The training is often challenging, mentally and physically. At times when I have felt like I have nothing left to give my family have reminded me of why I am doing all this. Their support and involvement make it more worthwhile.

Being an athlete is a kids life or at least a charmed one. Being supported to do what we wish. What we love and to have the freedom to prepare for a moment is quiet something. It's as if we never have to fully grow up. I watch my children play here and at the lake and I am reminded of the joy of play. The freedom to have fun. The limitless mindset and how time really seems to be a wasted perception.

Integrating this into our preparation feels like a great way to expand, deepen and enhance performance. It's not child's play but rather a kids life, if that makes sense.


oceanway said…
Nice picture Drewy!! Beats the hell out of winter in Melbourne at this time of the year. Trust the big Duncs is making a speedy recovery. Reggie & Xine in Kenya

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