'ON HOLD' but not waiting...

Well everything was on track, but three weeks ago when my thoracic spasmed I figured it would be a few days for it to settle. It's been over three weeks now and today I will head off to get scans to ensure it's not a stress fracture. Long term I am not to worried but frustrating for it to happen now and it has meant the last 7 days has been very low key. Two bike rides of no more than 70min each and two runs which have been very a bit of a cruise. Actually last night went for a jog down around Albert Park Lake and as everything is in preparations for the F1 GP soon it was pretty fun just jogging through and around the set up that is going on. So today at 11.45am I will be have the scans done and by this afternoon will know more. The frustration though comes as I was looking forward to really stepping things up in this period with preparations for trials in some 4 weeks now. For now though I am on hold. Probably a good thing as it does provide and has provided some extra time for my family. My daughter turned 10 on Fri and my wife and I celebrated 12 years of being married. This really does make me stop and realise just how many things have happened over the years which have been great. To think it was way back then that I was a single young rower with a dream of being like the Oarsome Foursome. Yep that was the dream and way back then all I wanted was to be able to make it in this sport. To have success and to experience what it would be like to be in an amazing team. So as much as things with training are on hold the benefit of life now is that there is so much more to enjoy and be part of. Life is wonderful. Rowing is on pause for today but I am not waiting. Time with family gives me energy and using time like this to really sharpen my focus for what is ahead will enable me to be ready once my body says go. To to consider some important aspects of the preparations which will be required going forward. Can't forget I need to assist where I can with my businesses. Between the Energy Impact Group, Podium Bike Hub stores and my work with Melbourne Business School I am learning how to manage my time better and to be more productive with activities I have to work on.


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