Hanging Out: HS Article

Just hanging out as part of training activities
Three days ago Ron Reed called to ask about doing an interview. We had a chat yesterday and this was one of the photo's which was taking during a visit the photographer made to my home.

As I have explained before much of what I do at home is about being productive with my time. The suspension straps allow me the opportunity to do some great and interesting activities in the evenings before heading to bed. Along with vibration training, indoor training on the bike and ergo and inversion work where I hang upside down. I feel I have some great ways to ensure my body is functioning well, stable, strong and prepared.

Another activity I love is playing with the kids. Well I guess it is more them jumping on me and wrestling the way they do. Great energy and great release. Tests the back somewhat as well.


Pau Vela said…
you are amazing
Patrick Lacey said…
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Patrick Lacey said…
Hey Drew- love the blog. Just wondering, what equipment do you use for your vibration training and what work do you do with that and with your inversion training?

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