Check Out these shots...

I love looking around and finding stuff like this.

A young James Cracknell, giving it heaps in the double. The British eight with Ben Hunt-Davis who went on to win in 2000 in the eight. Some Australians and a young bloke standing up in the bow seat of the Oarsome Foursome. Yep that's little old me. There is Cop a few years after coming out of the pair and sporting a great look with the suit showing a heap of chest hair. And Xeno showing in one shot that he could have been a good bowsider. I laugh but seriously what he did in the single that day was awesome.
 You see the Danish four who at the time had dominated the light weight four since 1994 and would go onto be the powerhouses of the fours until 2008 even with a few hiccups. Add the swiss brothers, the Geers who won the light weight double showcasing Marty Aitkens coaching ability with two Swiss golds. Plus Karsten in the Womens single what an incredible run she has had. Anyway I love the history of the sport and these are just a few. Still luaghing about James Cracknell and his facial expression with cap reversed. Long before his run with the four and pair with huge success.


Anonymous said…
Drew your an absolute legend and inspiration. I'll hopefully be there on finals day in London cheering on an Awesome Foresome to Gold (especially being an Irishman. As a father, rower and physiotherapist its always interesting to read your views on training and rehab, keep them coming!
Also you may be interested in James Cracknell's website and story of his recovery from a very different type of injury. You guys are cast from the same mettle...Daniel
pierre said…
It feels like yesterday, though it looks like a little bit older!

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